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Claybrook Appraisal provides quality valuations for mortgage lenders, real estate professionals, and private consumers. We serve Tuscaloosa, Fayette, Pickens, Lamar, Hale, and Greene counties. Our services include residential home, land, manufactured housing, and land appraisals. Our staff maintains up to date certifications and constant monitoring of real estate trends to ensure current, accurate valuations.

What we do

Thousands of homes are purchased, sold, and refinanced in Alabama each year. The majority of lenders require an appraisal be completed by a local expert familiar with he area. There are a developing number of automated home valuation providers. These may seem more cost effective at first glance. However, most lenders want a local expert because the stakes are so high.


If your property is situated in an area where values have declined, it is likely you are paying too much in property taxes. Let us assist you in providing an accurate assessment to dispute your taxes.

PMI removal benefits

Since PMI is no longer required when the remaining balance of the loan is below 80%, we can produce a statement regarding the value of your home, and the expense of the appraisal can often be regained in a short amount of time.

Settling a divorce

It is wise, and generally required, to obtain an appraisal for settlement purposes. This ensures both parties are entirely aware of the true market value of their property. If a buyout should occur, both parties can rest assured they have received a fair assessment.

Settling an estate

Often it happens that estate division can become a tiresome and highly contested situation. An accurate opinion of value alleviates some of the questions to be considered before any action is taken to settle the estate.

relocation assistance

We encourage relocating employees to provide input on the positive attributes of their property, as well as information about any recent sales or listings in their area that they want considered during our thorough process.

Selling your home

Seeking a professional appraisal is a trusted way to determine which improvements will add value to your property. It also gives you advance knowledge of repairs that will be required to sell the property through a lender.

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